Pumpkin Turmeric Green Smoothie


Ditch the pumpkin spice latte already and drink this instead!

You may have seen it on social media before or it may come to you as a complete surprise but Starbuck’s pumpkin spice latte does not contain any pumpkin. I repeat – no pumpkin whatsoever! What it does contain is an ungodly amount of sugar, caramel coloring (which is considered a carcinogen), artificial flavors and preservatives. Yuck!

So, if you’re craving more fall flavors (and possibly even have some ingredients left over from making my Breakfast Cookies last week) why not concoct a pumpkin turmeric green smoothie today? It conveniently increases your daily fruit and veggie intake and gives you an extra dose of antioxidants all while satisfying your sweet tooth. Healthy indulgence, mamas! Still didn’t believe it could be done, did ya?

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Old Fashioned Kale Chips


Attention, mamas: Kale is over!

At least that’s what I have read a few times across the Internet now (and if it says so on the Internet, we all know it’s true!). Kale is over. Overrated. Done. As in “kale as a vegetable in general” is not cool anymore. Gasp! What exactly is passé about it…its stellar nutritional value? Its versatility? Its delicious, robust taste? It shall remain a mystery to me.

Anyways, please go ahead and call me old fashioned (or maybe just old) as I sit and devour this entire bowl of deliciously crispy, salty kale chips. That’s right – going retro hanging out with my trusted friend k-dog over here. And please, nobody interrupt me unless, of course, you have come to tell me which new hipster vegetable I am supposed to be eating in large quantities next. I’ll totally do it!

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Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Bars


Is it just me or is anybody else struggling to get back into a routine after the summer?

My daughter started Kindergarten a couple of weeks ago and while I had high hopes that life would finally get just a little bit easier, everything seems even more hectic and complicated. I’m sure a lot of parents can relate when I say that all I seem to be doing these days is drive back and forth to different schools on different schedules. While other mamas tried to warn me about after-school activities, early release days, PTO meetings and weekly homework packets, I had no idea just how abruptly our well-oiled preschool machine from last year would come to a halt. My son’s nap schedule (that literally took years to perfect!) seems shot to heck and between afternoon play dates and endless weekend birthday party fun, everybody in our house – including myself – has been a little tired and cranky.

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