Fried Cauliflower “Rice” with Sautéed Vegetables


A clean eating spin on a classic take-out favorite.

When I recently got a cauliflower in my North Scottsdale Organics bag, I thought to finally give cauliflower “rice” a try. Although I love regular old brown rice for its versatility and nutritional value (we’re not grain-free, paleo or low carb) making a rice substitute with it seemed like an easy way to add more vegetables to our dinner and to come up with something new that the whole family would like. Since then, I have been experimenting with different recipes and this one for fried cauliflower rice with sautéed vegetables turned out to be one of our favorites.

Fried rice is a delicious dish but can be a quite unhealthy choice when ordered in most restaurants – a huge serving of nutritionally-void white rice fried in vegetable oil with heaps of MSG, possibly fatty meats and little vegetables…oh, the horror!

So, even if you generally don’t trust health foods disguised as comfort foods, give this one a try. It is very satisfying and tastes great while being great for your body. Pinky promise!

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