Product Review and Giveaway: Olìe Biologique


One could say my skin is a loose cannon.

Seriously, one minute it’s fine, the next not so much! In fact, it is so unpredictable that whatever it needs in terms of moisturizing, balancing, clarifying, declogging, exfoliating, brightening, soothing, repairing and/or nourishing – it changes almost on a daily basis. And although I have been making a conscious effort to cut down my product stash to where my bathroom cabinet no longer resembles the inside of a small to medium size apothecary, I really don’t think I’ll ever get to be the girl who is known for her bare minimum skin care routine. Humph!

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Green Beauty Buys: Summer Makeup


Summer summer summertime…Time to sit back and unwind…

Also, time to update your makeup bag! In my search for an easy breezy warm weather beauty routine, I recently purchased three new-to-me goodies that I had been coveting for quite a while: A beautiful neutral yet versatile eye shadow palette that can go from day to night, a non-toxic mascara that leaves you smudge-free all day (really!) and the most perfect peachy nude lipstick that effortlessly pulls it all together.

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What I love in April


April was a total blur.

And to be perfectly honest –  I was not entirely confident that this post was actually going to happen before the month was over. The weeks are just flying by, are they not?

May is right around the corner and with it the beginning of summer. Sure, it might still be snowing in Germany but in Arizona, the preparations for the dog days are well underway. School is out in just a few short weeks (say it ain’t so!) and since it is forecasted to hit 100 degrees here in a couple of days, I thought it was appropriate to share what I’ve been loving going into the hot season…

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Flora Remedia


Self care. Natural beauty. Balance.

We have all heard about self care. It’s the trendy new buzzword on social media – the antidote to our increasingly busy, fast paced and quickly changing everyday lives. It’s the all encompassing permission slip to indulge in spa days and treat ourselves to expensive face masks; or so it seems. However, for Maddy Dixon – founder of Australian-based company Flora Remedia – self care is far more than a trend.

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Ursa Major Hoppin’ Fresh Deodorant


Finally, a natural deodorant that really works (really!).

Ever since I have been en route to green living, I have tried to drag my family along. My kids have been easy so far because obviously, they do not have a choice (sorrynotsorry). However, my husband has been a bit of a different story especially when it comes to cleaning up his bathroom cabinet. It’s not that he doesn’t care about his health or the health of our planet – not at all! It’s more like that when it comes to personal care items, he is a typical guy who wants to conveniently grab whatever stuff he needs on his way home from work and that is on sale for five bucks tops at the drugstore. Can you blame him? I think not!

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