Product Review and Giveaway: 3rd Rock Essentials


The skin is your largest organ.

Whatever you put on it, goes in it. Harmful chemicals that are applied topically via your cosmetics can permeate the skin, get into your blood stream and from there, into your entire body. Over time, they can accumulate, damage your cells, harm your organs and disrupt your endocrine system. In short: The type of products you use (soap, shampoo, lotion, makeup, and yes, sunscreen!) highly matters.

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I Scream for Sunscreen! – Part 2


Ladies and gentlemen…Summer is officially here!

In the Sonoran Desert, the thermometer hit triple digits a few days ago and I have a feeling the heat is here to stay. With the rising temperatures comes lots of fun in the sun such as pool parties, beach vacations, and splash pad play dates. And you know what that means: For the next few months, we really have to step up our sunscreen game to ensure our skin will still look healthy and glowing after Labor Day.

Just remember what I said the other day – while the market is vast, not all sunscreen is created equal! When it comes to sun protection, as with most products, quality and ingredients do matter. But where to begin? To save you time and effort, I have compiled a list of my top tried-and-true sunscreen brands that are deemed safe by the EWG. Now all you have to do is apply and re-apply!

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I Scream for Sunscreen! – Part 1

One of my friends just celebrated being skin cancer free for three years.

Another friend of mine is currently spending too much time at her dermatologist’s office where she is having large patches of skin painfully and bone-deep cut out to be biopsied. You get where this is going…sun damage! One must have been living under the proverbial rock to not have heard about the health risks of prolonged sun exposure. However, with summer fast approaching, I thought it couldn’t hurt to offer a little reminder.

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What’s in a name?


Are you a strict believer who would never dream of buying regular old produce? Or are you tired of your friend yapping on and on about their organic stuff while you still don’t quite get what the freakin’ fuss is all about? After all, you didn’t eat organic kale growing up and turned out completely fine. Whatever your stance, do you know exactly what “organic” means? Do you care? Read on.

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The Problem with Plastic


When I had made my new commitment to eating clean…

…and reducing toxins from my immediate surroundings I began reading labels on anything from yogurt to toothpaste. I started buying mostly organic fruits and vegetables and paid attention to the amount of filtered water I was drinking. Then it dawned on me – if I was trying to avoid harmful chemicals why was I storing my perfectly clean produce in Tupperware containers? My water bottle? Plastic. Even the tumbler I was drinking my green smoothie from? All plastic. While the possible dangers of plastic and the chemicals it can contain was old news to me (probably is to you, too) I had not paid too much attention to the issue in recent months. After all, one cannot worry about all the things that are slowly trying to kill us at the same time!

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