My Top 20 Clean Eating Staples


Eating clean does not have to be time consuming or complicated.

Even with a small kitchen or small budget (or both), anyone can get started cooking healthy meals for themselves and their family STAT. You do not have to be perfect at it right away. It’s better to start slow and build your repertoire than to not start at all. Remember: It is neither a competition nor is the clean eating police coming to your house! Do what you can when you can.

When I first embarked on this clean eating journey, I would search for recipes and get frustrated that many of them asked for a million different ingredients – some of which I had never heard of and most of which I did not have at home. However, the more I cooked and got familiar with this new way of eating, the more I learned to experiment. After a while, I got more confident and better at creating my own recipes. I now also enjoy “just throwing something together” last minute with stuff I already have at home saving time and money in the process. After all, everybody is tired and hurried and nobody wants to spend hours at the store followed by hours in the kitchen.

My recipes are meant to inspire, not intimidate. I want to give practical ideas not cause for frustration. But where should you start? And what should you buy?

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