Zoya Naked Manicure


Your nails but better.

The “less is more” approach to beauty has been going strong for a while now and after several seasons of natural looking faces, the trend has finally turned towards our nails. If you follow fashion at all, you may have noticed that many of the runway models at the last New York Fashion Week were rocking “barely there” manicures with just a hint of clear polish. And hey, if it’s good enough for runway models, it’s good enough for us, no?

Natural, well kept nails always look put together and go with absolutely everything in my book (no manicure remorse…hubba hubba!). However, unlike the aforementioned runway goddesses, the average beauty addict like myself may have discolored, brittle or otherwise (product) damaged nails which makes going completely or nearly bare on our finger tips a little daunting. Enter: Zoya Naked Manicure.

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My Green Beauty Summer Essentials


The last few weeks have been an emotional roller coaster. 

A close relative of mine has been seriously ill. And since I haven’t been able to see or talk to her at all, a paralyzing feeling of helplessness has left me rather anxious. Worrying lots and sleeping little is truly exhausting and makes “being on” all day with my kids and taking care of myself so much more challenging. Time to dig myself out of the funk!

Yesterday, I dragged my butt to yoga and slept a triumphant (uninterrupted!) eight hours which made me feel almost good as new today. The other thing that usually gets me out of a daze? Beauty talk. Beauty talk in all its glorious frivolity seems to always do the trick rather quickly so let’s have at it, mamas! Shall we?

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Tickled Pink


Let’s talk about something a little more lighthearted today, shall we?

After all, the weekend is almost here. Let’s talk beauty, mamas! Yup, sorry fellas…cover your eyes. We’ll talk about nail polish for a minute.

I don’t know about you but I am always, ALWAYS on the hunt for the perfect nude pink lacquer. This should be an easy task given it is such a subtle hue and the options are virtually endless. However, it is not. Either, the color is too white, too pink, too sheer, too shiny, or overall too blah. Or the formula is too thick, too runny, too streaky, or worst of all, chock-full of chemicals that may compromise your health.

Well, the hunt is over! On my way out of ULTA last week I stumbled across this perfect gem of a nail polish and could not be more excited! Tadaaaaaa…

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