my healthy truth

Born and raised in Germany, I moved to the U.S. in the mid-2000s. I have been a vegetarian for over 20 years and strive for a 90% clean, mostly plant based diet which also includes some full fat organic dairy and eggs. The remaining 10% are “wasted” on beautiful things like wine, the occasional happy hour and the unknown.

My children are growing up vegetarian as well but Mr. Healthy Haus loves meat. This is where it becomes interesting! Throw in my kids’ opinion on what they think tastes good, cooking wholesome family meals becomes a juggling act at times. Guten Appetit!

In addition to eating healthy, I try to move around as much as possible and practice yoga regularly. It serves as both my preferred physical exercise as well as a means to spiritually connect to myself and the world around me. It sounds cliché but yoga makes me feel whole and has completely changed my life! So much so, that I recently became certified as an instructor (RYT 200) which allows me to humbly share all the gifts yoga has to offer with others.

2 thoughts on “my healthy truth

  1. I love your statement ” 10 pct. are wasted on beautiful things like wine […] and the unknown ” – convincibility vs. dogmatism. Thank you, Nora!


  2. In the 1st half of our life we risk our health to make money – in the 2nd half we invest this money to regain our health. Within, we lose both – health and life. Voltaire


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