What I love in April


April was a total blur.

And to be perfectly honest –  I was not entirely confident that this post was actually going to happen before the month was over. The weeks are just flying by, are they not?

May is right around the corner and with it the beginning of summer. Sure, it might still be snowing in Germany but in Arizona, the preparations for the dog days are well underway. School is out in just a few short weeks (say it ain’t so!) and since it is forecasted to hit 100 degrees here in a couple of days, I thought it was appropriate to share what I’ve been loving going into the hot season…

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What I love in March


Guys, I’m doing it!

I’m finally getting certified as a yoga instructor. Eeek!

Initially, I was upset that we are not able to fly back to Germany this summer as we usually do. However, the more I thought about it the more it presented itself as an opportunity to complete the yoga teacher training that had been sitting pretty on top of my bucket list for quite some time.

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What I love in February


How is it already the end of February?

Didn’t we just leave the holidays behind us? Unbelievable how time flies! And it seems to fly even faster the older you get. I’m turning 35 this year if that’s any indication…ugh!

Over the next few weeks, it might get a little quieter around the Haus since I first have a friend and then my Mama coming in to visit me from the homeland. Yup, German immersion at its finest! I’ll try to keep up my posting schedule as much as possible but chances are that I won’t. Make sure you follow me along on Instagram or drop me a line if you miss me too much, OK?

But first, here is what I’m loving this month…

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What I love in January


Welcome to my new series!

“What I love” is an eclectic collection of what I’m into and up to each month. I thought this would be a fun way to share some new products, projects or general life hacks that I do not get around to writing a full post on. Here is the January edition…

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