Chocolate Hazelnut Spread


My kids have been begging me to buy Nutella.

Heck, I’ve been wanting to buy Nutella! The giant Costco-size glass of silky chocolatey goodness that just tastes like pure heaven on a piece of fresh baked bread (or a slice of plain old toast…either way). You should know that I am somewhat of a Nutella connoisseur. Growing up in Germany, I’d say a Nutellabrot is the closest us Central Europeans will ever get to a PB&J. So delicious but the sugar, the modified palm oil, the (most likely) GMO soy, the artificial flavor, the sugar! I. Just. Can’t.

So, before I deprive my kids and myself any further, I thought I’d give making my own chocolate hazelnut spread a shot. So far, I have only made this once but it turned out so yummy I feel like it is my duty to share the recipe with ya’ll as soon as possible. Hopefully, it’ll have you say No-tella in no time, too!

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Uffing Summer Peaches with Mint


“What’s an Uffing?” you might ask.

Uffing is the quaintest little village the Bavarian countryside ever did see. It’s a picturesque place nestled at the foot of the majestic Alps, overlooking the Staffelsee (a serene Alpine lake), and surrounded by green pastures on which cows lazily graze under 100 year-old trees. It’s the stuff American stereotypes of Germany are made of! It’s a paradise for children to grow up in (at least before they turn into teenagers) and stressed out grown-ups to escape to and connect with nature.

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Nuts & Seeds Brownie Bites


How about we get baking today?

I have to admit, I’m not much of baker. In fact, not at all. Anything I bake has to be pretty straightforward, with little to no skill involved. Luckily, this recipe for nutritious brownie bites just fits the bill!

Quick and easy to make, these little morsels are packed full of heart healthy fats, protein, fiber, antioxidants, essential vitamins and minerals but without any refined sugar. They give you an energy boost with just enough sweetness to satisfy your chocolate craving.

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Miri’s Energy Balls


I really try not to judge…

…but I’m going to do it anyway so please excuse me while I climb on my soap box for just a sec. Here it comes:

The mountain of crappy snack foods that most children consume on a daily basis downright scares me. Call me crazy but a bag of Cheetos is not a meal! And no, this has nothing to do with the new-ish “I eat cleaner than you therefore I must be better than you” competition that seems to be going on everywhere. Honest to goodness, to me this is simply common sense.

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