Pumpkin Spice Breakfast Cookies


Your friends on busy weekday mornings.

My kids are really good eaters except for when it comes to breakfast. Weekday breakfast, to be specific. You know, the one time during the day when there is pretty much zero room for dilly-dally. However, for some reason that is the very time my kids decide to move at a glacial pace. And more often than not – with the clock ticking extra fast and them moving extra slowly – early mornings at our house quickly snowball into all sorts of chaos. All of a sudden backpacks/water bottles/shoes are missing and I find myself instructing my 3-year old on how to brush his teeth by himself while trying to put his sister’s hair into something that vaguely resembles a ponytail. And before you know it, I’m running around like a sweaty mess of a crazy person hoping to make the first bell on time. EVERYONE, STOP WHINING AND GET IN THE CAR! 

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Old Fashioned Kale Chips


Attention, mamas: Kale is over!

At least that’s what I have read a few times across the Internet now (and if it says so on the Internet, we all know it’s true!). Kale is over. Overrated. Done. As in “kale as a vegetable in general” is not cool anymore. Gasp! What exactly is passé about it…its stellar nutritional value? Its versatility? Its delicious, robust taste? It shall remain a mystery to me.

Anyways, please go ahead and call me old fashioned (or maybe just old) as I sit and devour this entire bowl of deliciously crispy, salty kale chips. That’s right – going retro hanging out with my trusted friend k-dog over here. And please, nobody interrupt me unless, of course, you have come to tell me which new hipster vegetable I am supposed to be eating in large quantities next. I’ll totally do it!

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Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Bars


Is it just me or is anybody else struggling to get back into a routine after the summer?

My daughter started Kindergarten a couple of weeks ago and while I had high hopes that life would finally get just a little bit easier, everything seems even more hectic and complicated. I’m sure a lot of parents can relate when I say that all I seem to be doing these days is drive back and forth to different schools on different schedules. While other mamas tried to warn me about after-school activities, early release days, PTO meetings and weekly homework packets, I had no idea just how abruptly our well-oiled preschool machine from last year would come to a halt. My son’s nap schedule (that literally took years to perfect!) seems shot to heck and between afternoon play dates and endless weekend birthday party fun, everybody in our house – including myself – has been a little tired and cranky.

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Miri’s Energy Balls


I really try not to judge…

…but I’m going to do it anyway so please excuse me while I climb on my soap box for just a sec. Here it comes:

The mountain of crappy snack foods that most children consume on a daily basis downright scares me. Call me crazy but a bag of Cheetos is not a meal! And no, this has nothing to do with the new-ish “I eat cleaner than you therefore I must be better than you” competition that seems to be going on everywhere. Honest to goodness, to me this is simply common sense.

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Clean Eating Chewy Apple Pie Bars


Cereal bars – wholesome or a whole lotta marketing deception?

Cereal bars are a big hit with adults and kids alike. They are sweet, very portable and mostly mess free which makes them an excellent snack on the go. They are also one of those foods that have a healthful image – it says so right on the front of the box. Whole grain! Real fruit!

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