Pear and Cinnamon Green Smoothie


Fall is here.

Well, kind of. Phoenix is still getting its fair share of midday heat but cooler mornings and nights (along with a weird onset of seasonal allergies) give me hope that we’re getting there, slowly. And what better way to ring in this glorious time of year than with a fall-inspired green smoothie?

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Kickstarter Smoothie


New year, new smoothie recipe!

How is 2016 going so far? Resolutions, anyone?

I read that some 80+% of people fail when it comes to seeing their New Year’s resolutions through. And that after only two weeks! There is even a “holiday” dedicated to this phenomenon. Yes! January 17th has been dubbed “Ditch your New Year’s Resolution Day” because it is the most common date on which people abandon their New Year’s goals. 17 days, people…ouch! 

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Pumpkin Turmeric Green Smoothie


Ditch the pumpkin spice latte already and drink this instead!

You may have seen it on social media before or it may come to you as a complete surprise but Starbuck’s pumpkin spice latte does not contain any pumpkin. I repeat – no pumpkin whatsoever! What it does contain is an ungodly amount of sugar, caramel coloring (which is considered a carcinogen), artificial flavors and preservatives. Yuck!

So, if you’re craving more fall flavors (and possibly even have some ingredients left over from making my Breakfast Cookies last week) why not concoct a pumpkin turmeric green smoothie today? It conveniently increases your daily fruit and veggie intake and gives you an extra dose of antioxidants all while satisfying your sweet tooth. Healthy indulgence, mamas! Still didn’t believe it could be done, did ya?

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Chocolate Cashew Smoothie Bowl


In a smoothie rut? Give this delicious smoothie bowl a try!

If you love social media as much as the next girl, you may have noticed all the beautiful smoothie bowls that have been popping up in your feed. Not only do they look gorgeous, they are also a healthy and tasty alternative to your regular old breakfast or mid-morning snack. Unlike a traditional smoothie, a smoothie bowl is eaten with a spoon and can be quite the substantial meal when you top it with fruit, nuts, seeds, cocoa nibs or all of the above.

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When in Romaine Smoothie


What do you do when North Scottsdale Organics gives you a giant head of Romaine lettuce?

Well, throw it in a blender and drink it, of course! This smoothie is hydrating and refreshing without weighing you down. It’s perfect for cooling off after spending some time out in the heat! And if you’re wondering why I am featuring yet another smoothie recipe, that’s because…

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