A new restaurant concept that aims to feed your body and nourish your soul.

Stress – everyone knows it, everyone has it. We all go through changes, frequent ups and downs, and therefore experience phases in our life that are more stressful than others. For most people, a certain level of stress even seems normal and a constant in our day-to-day routine. But what if the stress we’re feeling gets out of control and starts controlling us? We feel so overwhelmed that we are on the verge of collapse, getting sick. Bunout. At that point, we might realize that the only way to gain back our control is with the help of a professional. Yet, if lying on the stereotypical couch and spilling your feelings to a shrink seems daunting, intimidating or downright embarrassing, how would you like to attend a confidential, one-on-one coaching session in a light, airy and welcoming café that serves homemade eats, local drinks and a cold foot bath on a hot day?

This, exactly, is the business model of Kitchen2Soul in Munich (Neuhausen), Germany, that opened its doors on July 1, 2015. Revolving around their customers’ physical as well as emotional wellbeing, Kitchen2Soul was created by two lifelong friends who have had the idea of combining their professional backgrounds and personal interests into an innovative project that offers people a space to connect, to slow down and to indulge.

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Nourish Your Skin Inside and Out


NOURISH [ˈnəriSH]: provide with the food or other substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition

Unfortunately, I am not the kind of Real Housewife who gets to hang out at the spa all day long…sigh! However, for Mother’s Day, besides drinking a HOT cup of coffee in the morning, I really wanted to indulge in a little pampering. I have mentioned the love/hate relationship I have with my skin before, and after a couple of my friends told me about their recent experiences with laser peels and microdermabrasion, I felt like it was time for me to step up my own skin care game. I wanted to splurge on a facial but, of course, not any facial! It had to be Healthy Haus approved using only non-toxic procedures and products. So, after asking my google machine rather specifically about “all natural facials in the Phoenix area”, I found Sage Organic Skincare’s website and knew right away that I had to go!

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Do you Yin?

031815_YinYoga2I love when life comes full circle.

I have had a few experiences lately that have brought me back in time, which have beautifully connected happy moments from my past with my current state of being, and it always feels absolutely amazing! One of those experiences has been taking yin yoga classes with my former instructor Jen Brooks at Yoga on the Rocks (if you’re in the Phoenix area I highly recommend them both!). Jen taught prenatal yoga when I was pregnant with my first baby five years ago, which in itself was truly a magical experience for me.

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