DIY Home: All-Purpose Cleaner


Cleaning is boring.

And probably the only thing more boring than cleaning is talking about cleaning and the cleaning products that go with it. I totally agree! But all boredom aside, it is important to know that many conventional cleaners contain a slew of chemicals that can negatively impact your and your family’s health.

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Declutter your house, declutter your mind


Is your abode in a jumble?

Have you been wanting to fix this problem but do not really know where to start? Or maybe you know where to start but cannot motivate yourself to actually do it. You are too attached to your things. You have no time. The reasons are endless. Trust me, I know! Maybe today’s post can help. While I am not offering to clean out your house for you, I want to share how I just cleaned out my own, and hope to inspire you to do the same. I’m talking closets, clothes, toys, beauty products…I decluttered almost the whole thing and I am very proud and more than happy that I did. Yes, it takes time and effort but I promise – once it is done, it just feels freakin’ amazing!

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Happy Earth Day!


And a major hello!

It has definitely been a while thanks to #yogaeverydamnday but what better opportunity to come back to The Healthy Haus than Earth Day?

Earth Day is more than a Hallmark holiday or superficial marketing initiative. It is a global movement that has been organizing and celebrating events on April 22 every year since 1970 to demonstrate support for environmental protection. If nothing else, I think it is a wonderful reminder for all of us to truly pay attention to how we treat our planet and should inspire us to consume just a little more mindfully.

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Product Review: Ninja Master Prep

040815_NinjaMasterPrep2What is holding you back?

When it comes to cooking healthy meals, I’m guessing the answer almost always involves “time.” As I was sitting at my daughter’s ballet practice the other day one of the moms mentioned how she would like to cook more but that she really didn’t like chopping vegetables. It’s time consuming, it’s messy, the thought of having to do it makes her not want to cook at all. To help ease her chopping aversion, she invested in a Ninja food processor. I was intrigued!

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Plastic Be Gone!


Easy swaps that are good for your health and the health of our planet.

In one of my previous posts, I mentioned why the use of plastic can be harmful to you and your family and that finding more eco-friendly options may be a good idea. Here are some of the smartly designed alternatives I have been using to reduce my dependence on plastic which, inadvertently, continues to eliminate a lot of waste. By now, you know that I’m all for readily available, affordable, and practical, and all of these products fit the bill!

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