Green Beauty Time Savers


One might wonder why I, of all people, would give anyone time saving advice.

Quite frankly, I hate being rushed and totally suck at getting ready quickly. Sure, vanity is involved and all the double cleansing, dry brushing, face masking, IG checking may have something to do with it but to be perfectly honest – I also just love spending time in the bathroom. It is my little sanctuary where the small people living in my house can be locked out of if necessary so I can enjoy some peace and quiet and temporarily obsess over things like pore size rather than tamper tantrums.

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Captain Blankenship Mermaid Sea Salt Hair Spray


Beach time, all the time.

I am dreaming of my most recent trip to the ocean. Sand between my toes. Salt in the air. Sunshine on my skin. Aaah! Unfortunately, as I am writing this, I could not be further away from the bliss. I am at the dealership to get my car checked out for some squeaking noise it started making a couple of days ago. First world problems. Boring!

But while I’m stuck here for an hour and a half with a bunch of other annoyed individuals, bad coffee and the local news blasting through the lobby, why not make light of the situation by…oh, I dunno…talking about beautiful things like hair products? As you all know by now: When I find a good one I have a hard time keeping it to myself.

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Hair Update


What I am loving for my locks these days.

If you have been following me for a while, you may remember that it took me a looong time to find clean products that work for my hair. Why? Because A) I’m pretty hair challenged to begin with and B) I really loved my old dirty stuff so much I simply could not part ways with it. It was not until a few days ago (yup, days!) that I finally got rid of my last “just in case” stash of BlowPro and Kérastase. I never actually used any of it anymore but I could not get myself to throw it out either. Silly hoarder! 

So, with all that gone for good, I thought it was an opportune time to share some of the new products that have made it into my close circle of hair friends. And I’ll reintroduce you to some of my “oldies but goodies” products that have been and continue to be part of my – shall we say – hair game. Here it goes…

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Your Hair – Friend or Foe?


I am not a hair person.

Not even a little. I had the same mid-length, slightly layered hair cut with blonde highlights for years. My hair is fine and on the dry side. I never quite knew what to do with it other than straighten or blow it out. Up-dos? Braids? Forget about it! I had to turn 30ish before I finally figured out how to work a curling iron thanks to my fabulously talented and ever so patient hair stylist.

At last, I got so fed up with my hair boredom a few months ago that I decided to give the messy sombré lob (or, for all the other non-hair people: a subtle ombré long bob) a try. And that, of course, meant two things going forward:

1) I would need to add some new skills to my bag of (hair) tricks

2) I would need to find some new styling products that would work for my new ‘do.

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