Better (for you) Banana Bread


A clean eating version of the all-American classic

When you have a bunch of bananas that are starting to look a little too ripe, you make banana bread. Obvious? To me, it was actually a completely revolutionary idea given the fact that I rarely ever bake (as pointed out by Mr. Healthy Haus on a somewhat regular basis and with not-so-subtle hints of disappointment).

I created a healthier version of the beloved comfort food with gluten free flour, coconut oil, raw nuts and seeds, and without any refined sugar (except for some dark chocolate chips). Much to my own surprise (and my husband’s), this wholesome ‘nana bread turned out delicious!

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Pumpkin Spice Breakfast Cookies


Your friends on busy weekday mornings.

My kids are really good eaters except for when it comes to breakfast. Weekday breakfast, to be specific. You know, the one time during the day when there is pretty much zero room for dilly-dally. However, for some reason that is the very time my kids decide to move at a glacial pace. And more often than not – with the clock ticking extra fast and them moving extra slowly – early mornings at our house quickly snowball into all sorts of chaos. All of a sudden backpacks/water bottles/shoes are missing and I find myself instructing my 3-year old on how to brush his teeth by himself while trying to put his sister’s hair into something that vaguely resembles a ponytail. And before you know it, I’m running around like a sweaty mess of a crazy person hoping to make the first bell on time. EVERYONE, STOP WHINING AND GET IN THE CAR! 

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Chocolate Hazelnut Spread


My kids have been begging me to buy Nutella.

Heck, I’ve been wanting to buy Nutella! The giant Costco-size glass of silky chocolatey goodness that just tastes like pure heaven on a piece of fresh baked bread (or a slice of plain old toast…either way). You should know that I am somewhat of a Nutella connoisseur. Growing up in Germany, I’d say a Nutellabrot is the closest us Central Europeans will ever get to a PB&J. So delicious but the sugar, the modified palm oil, the (most likely) GMO soy, the artificial flavor, the sugar! I. Just. Can’t.

So, before I deprive my kids and myself any further, I thought I’d give making my own chocolate hazelnut spread a shot. So far, I have only made this once but it turned out so yummy I feel like it is my duty to share the recipe with ya’ll as soon as possible. Hopefully, it’ll have you say No-tella in no time, too!

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