My Top 20 Clean Eating Staples


Eating clean does not have to be time consuming or complicated.

Even with a small kitchen or small budget (or both), anyone can get started cooking healthy meals for themselves and their family STAT. You do not have to be perfect at it right away. It’s better to start slow and build your repertoire than to not start at all. Remember: It is neither a competition nor is the clean eating police coming to your house! Do what you can when you can.

When I first embarked on this clean eating journey, I would search for recipes and get frustrated that many of them asked for a million different ingredients – some of which I had never heard of and most of which I did not have at home. However, the more I cooked and got familiar with this new way of eating, the more I learned to experiment. After a while, I got more confident and better at creating my own recipes. I now also enjoy “just throwing something together” last minute with stuff I already have at home saving time and money in the process. After all, everybody is tired and hurried and nobody wants to spend hours at the store followed by hours in the kitchen.

My recipes are meant to inspire, not intimidate. I want to give practical ideas not cause for frustration. But where should you start? And what should you buy?

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10 Tried-and-True Natural Stress Busters


Calling all brides…

Or actually, calling one bride! This one goes out to my soon-to-be sister-in-law. She asked me for some advice on how to better relax during the next few weeks leading up to her and my brother’s wedding. That’s right, mamas, big bro is getting hitched! Only a couple of months to go until the big day so the pressure is really on.

In order to help her stay unflustered, I have compiled this list with ten easy, practical and natural stress busting tips. And while I specifically wrote them with the happy couple in mind, I figured these can be applied to any stage of life and any big “project” you’ve got going on. Whether you are a blushing bride, a new mom, a veteran mom or a single gal, there are always situations that add physical, mental or emotional strain to our already busy day-to-day routines. In those times, we need to make sure we take extra good care of ourselves so we don’t crash and burn. I, of course, had to learn this the hard way so please do not repeat my mistake.

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I Scream for Sunscreen! – Part 1

One of my friends just celebrated being skin cancer free for three years.

Another friend of mine is currently spending too much time at her dermatologist’s office where she is having large patches of skin painfully and bone-deep cut out to be biopsied. You get where this is going…sun damage! One must have been living under the proverbial rock to not have heard about the health risks of prolonged sun exposure. However, with summer fast approaching, I thought it couldn’t hurt to offer a little reminder.

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What’s in a name?


Are you a strict believer who would never dream of buying regular old produce? Or are you tired of your friend yapping on and on about their organic stuff while you still don’t quite get what the freakin’ fuss is all about? After all, you didn’t eat organic kale growing up and turned out completely fine. Whatever your stance, do you know exactly what “organic” means? Do you care? Read on.

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