021715_ProfilePicture7.jpgWelcome to my Haus!

My name is Nora. I’ve created this blog to inspire women, moms and supermoms to live a healthier, happier life by taking care of themselves in order to take care of their family.

I have been interested in a healthy lifestyle for as long as I can remember but adhering to it has not always been easy, especially since becoming a mother. Like you, I have been pulled in all different directions while worrying about everything and everybody else more than myself. I would make organic baby food for my kids but not make enough time to eat my own lunch. I would try harder to look good than to feel good. Two kids and years of minimal sleep later, I ended up being completely exhausted and feeling like I was operating on auto pilot.

At the beginning of 2014, I finally realized I had to make some changes. I wanted to do something for myself again. I wanted to get back on track with having a strong body and peaceful mind so I started going to yoga classes on a regular basis. I had been practicing yoga intermittently for a few years but had fallen completely off the wagon when my first child was born.

Once I developed a routine again, my infatuation with yoga grew beyond enjoying some time to myself in silence. For the first time it really made sense to me. I truly became hooked and started to feel happier, stronger, more relaxed, more present. And with these positive changes I wanted to take my health goals to the next level.

I decided I needed to be kinder to my body by eliminating toxic substances from my beauty and personal care products, household cleaning items and – last but not least – food. I began researching, purging stuff that no longer served me, finding healthier alternatives, and experimenting with recipes. Luckily, my family was along for the ride and we have never looked back.

Trust me, none of this has been perfect or effortless. There are days that are stressful and messy and finding time on my mat or cooking a clean meal from scratch feels nearly impossible. On those days, I try hard not to beat myself up too much and keep my overall goal in mind: becoming the happiest and healthiest version of myself. After all, it is a learning process.

I am not a doctor or a dietitian. I am not a hippie or a foodie. I am not a chef, I do not have a personal chef or even a chef’s kitchen. I am a stay-at-home mom to two little ones hoping to help others by sharing tips on what works for me and my Healthy Haus.

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  1. A year is gone – the thrill is on!
    Happy Birthday, Healthy Haus – We celebrate your 1st anniversary as of today!

    What did and do I like the most?
    What made and makes me thinking?
    What inspired and gives new thoughts?
    Which action should I take?

    The Healthy House covers it all. Thank you, Nora for all of your work. To fill this blog constantly with a lot of passion towards a healthy and happy life, means to spend an awful lot of time and energy. – You owe our respect!

    Though the Mamas are the „Zielgruppe“ of this blog, Papa(s) and Opa(s) like it either. – Okay, perhaps not so much the veggie recipes and the beauty products … but your thoughts about life and „the 10 % remaining“ are mine.

    Santosha, Nora

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