Flora Remedia


Self care. Natural beauty. Balance.

We have all heard about self care. It’s the trendy new buzzword on social media – the antidote to our increasingly busy, fast paced and quickly changing everyday lives. It’s the all encompassing permission slip to indulge in spa days and treat ourselves to expensive face masks; or so it seems. However, for Maddy Dixon – founder of Australian-based company Flora Remedia – self care is far more than a trend.

“Taking care of yourself is incredibly important for your overall health. Your outer appearance is a massive indicator as to how you treat and care for yourself, as well as your age and lifestyle.”

Maddy was an international model for over a decade who, due to the nature of her job, was a human tester for hundreds of makeup, skincare and hair products. Maddy noticed early on that most of these products were chemical based and were ineffective and superficial at best and damaging to her skin at worst. She also learned that more often than not, natural products provided the best results on both her outer beauty and inner wellbeing. These experiences inspired Maddy to create Flora Remedia.

Flora offers oil therapy method (OTM) products on the concept of the healing energy found in nature. Their infusions are holistic remedies that are made to work on a mind-body level. They combine transformative flower essences with natural and essential oils designed to help you achieve great health and beauty whilst balancing your emotions .

Each of Flora’s Australian-made, 100% natural, vegan and cruelty-free products serves a specific purpose and offers unique benefits such as calming, cleansing, energizing, and letting go.


My favorite scent is the Immunity* treatment. This pulse point roll-on uses antiseptic oils perfect for daytime use. It is refreshing with strong hints of lemongrass and eucalyptus that I like to roll on my inner wrists before I leave the house. It is meant to promote cleansing and stave off sickness and is especially useful for when you have or a feel a cold coming on or while traveling on an airplane (I’m sure it works just the same when volunteering in the germ factory called preschool!). I reapply Immunity generously throughout the day as I like to think that it also fends off all the BS people tend to throw around. 🙂

At night before bed or at times of heightened levels of stress and anxiety I enjoy the Calm* treatment. It is an invigorating scent – soft and feminine – that I dab on my temples and over the heart chakra. It helps to soothe the body and center the mind for a better night’s sleep.

Both scents are absolutely lovely! And whether you are interested in the benefits of aromatherapy or are simply looking for a natural alternative to your phthalate-laden perfume, make sure you check out Flora Remedia. On their website, you can shop in many different currencies and shipping is free worldwide on orders of $50.00 or more.

Have you tried anything from Flora yet? Which one is your favorite treatment?


*Samples generously provided. Please see the general disclaimer for details.


4 thoughts on “Flora Remedia

  1. Thank you very much for taking the time to review Flora Remedia Aromatherapy Roll-ons.
    I also want to share that roll ons have this offer: “Buy 3 different products and you get the last one to complete the set Free of charge.”

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