What I love in March


Guys, I’m doing it!

I’m finally getting certified as a yoga instructor. Eeek!

Initially, I was upset that we are not able to fly back to Germany this summer as we usually do. However, the more I thought about it the more it presented itself as an opportunity to complete the yoga teacher training that had been sitting pretty on top of my bucket list for quite some time.

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Ursa Major Hoppin’ Fresh Deodorant


Finally, a natural deodorant that really works (really!).

Ever since I have been en route to green living, I have tried to drag my family along. My kids have been easy so far because obviously, they do not have a choice (sorrynotsorry). However, my husband has been a bit of a different story especially when it comes to cleaning up his bathroom cabinet. It’s not that he doesn’t care about his health or the health of our planet – not at all! It’s more like that when it comes to personal care items, he is a typical guy who wants to conveniently grab whatever stuff he needs on his way home from work and that is on sale for five bucks tops at the drugstore. Can you blame him? I think not!

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Broccoli Quinoa Cakes


If at first you don’t succeed…

About a week ago, I had a bunch of broccoli left over and thought that creating a recipe for broccoli quinoa cakes would be a good idea. Easy enough, right? Wrong! My first attempt at making these little suckers ended in utter disaster. They were completely inedible and had to be thrown in the garbage. Let’s just say that ordering pizza and drinking wine were part of the program that evening to help me get over my bruised ego and the messy kitchen despite the lack of dinner.

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