Om Aroma & Co


Fresh Organic Beauty

When Om Aroma & Co recently contacted me regarding the launch of their Mini Beauty Serum Trio* I was nothing short of excited! Not only have I become quite the serum and face oil connoisseur/snob/junkie, I also love everything travel size.

Due to the nature of my job, I am “homebound” most days and the extent of my travel mainly consists of trips to and from school, activities and birthday parties (cue the violins!). Yet I am still obsessed with anything that comes in perfectly portioned miniature packaging that has me dreaming of chic weekend getaways rather than the everyday headache known as the pickup line.

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What I love in February


How is it already the end of February?

Didn’t we just leave the holidays behind us? Unbelievable how time flies! And it seems to fly even faster the older you get. I’m turning 35 this year if that’s any indication…ugh!

Over the next few weeks, it might get a little quieter around the Haus since I first have a friend and then my Mama coming in to visit me from the homeland. Yup, German immersion at its finest! I’ll try to keep up my posting schedule as much as possible but chances are that I won’t. Make sure you follow me along on Instagram or drop me a line if you miss me too much, OK?

But first, here is what I’m loving this month…

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Green Beauty Time Savers


One might wonder why I, of all people, would give anyone time saving advice.

Quite frankly, I hate being rushed and totally suck at getting ready quickly. Sure, vanity is involved and all the double cleansing, dry brushing, face masking, IG checking may have something to do with it but to be perfectly honest – I also just love spending time in the bathroom. It is my little sanctuary where the small people living in my house can be locked out of if necessary so I can enjoy some peace and quiet and temporarily obsess over things like pore size rather than tamper tantrums.

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Creamy Cabbage and Potato Soup


Did you have a great Valentine’s Day?

Oh Valentine’s Day, you sexy cliché of roses, chocolates, lingerie and perfume!

And then here comes the cabbage soup. Straight outta the slow cooker. A totally unsexy and honestly kinda boring looking dish (I mean, that color?!) but trust me – it is seriously delicious. And although it’s vegan, this creamy cabbage and potato soup reminds me of something hearty and comforting my Oma would have cooked to warm my body and soul!

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LURK Perfume Oils


Setting a new standard for beauty and fragrance.

Our sense of smell is very powerful. In fact, very few things bring us back to long gone moments and distant memories as quickly as a certain smell.

I stuck to my “signature scent” for years and have just recently and very reluctantly given it up. I definitely did not quit cold turkey, rather slowly phased it out over the last year by only using it for special occasions etc. However, I still love it and can safely say that perfume has been one of my last “dirty product frontiers.”

Why dirty? Let’s talk about what health concerns we need to be aware of when it comes to perfume and “fragrance” in general…

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