Happy New Year, mamas!

I hope you all had a glorious holiday season with your loved ones and a great start to 2016.

I am very sorry that it has been so quiet around The Healthy Haus lately. Unfortunately, my year ended a little more tumultuous than expected. Although my oldest started kindergarten in the fall, I have been reminded daily how much both of my children still need me and need of me which, at times, has pushed me to my very limits. In addition, taking care of some health concerns and a few other personal issues kept me exceptionally (pre)occupied over the last few weeks. During my very short intervals of free time, all I could get myself to do was nothing at all. 

That’s the superficial version of it.

The raw version of it is that while feeling completely burnt out, I went down a nasty negativity spiral. I went from I don’t have enough time to I don’t have enough time to write anything good to I am no good. Do you know this feeling? It’s toxic and paralyzing.

I needed a little break (and frankly, some major kicks in the butt) to refocus my energy, prioritize my responsibilities and get out of the funk. To take care of myself. You know, the very thing I encourage everyone to do on here all the time!

After some soul searching and coincidentally, right when New Years rolled around, I finally started to feel my head rise above the water and my vision of what I want for myself, for the blog and my life in general slowly but surely became a little bit clearer. How?

The start to a new year traditionally calls for big resolutions most of which will remain unfulfilled and will get kicked to the curb come mid-January. So instead, I sought just one word that would summarize what I am hoping to achieve in the new year. An overall feeling. The goal of goals. One word that can easily be recalled should everything around me start to unravel again.

Happiness. Balance. Peace. Presence. At first, it seemed tough to pick just one but then it dawned on me that there is actually a word that for me – ever since I started practicing yoga – has always held the key to all of the above: Santosha. 

Santosha is Sanskrit for “completely content with, accepting and comfortable.” It is derived from Sam (“completely” or “entirely”) and Tosha (“contentment” or “acceptance”). 

How do you define contentment? To me, contentment – not to be confused with complacency – means to have goals but not to give up in defeat when you do not achieve them right away; to be comfortable and at peace regardless. To be present in the moment and to appreciate all that is instead of dwelling on what should be. To be happy with what you have, where you are, what you do. To not compare yourself to others as you are enough and worthy in your own right.

Santosha. My word for 2016. What is yours?

There are years that ask questions and years that answer.
(Zora Neale Hurston, Their Eyes Were Watching God)




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