Captain Blankenship Mermaid Sea Salt Hair Spray


Beach time, all the time.

I am dreaming of my most recent trip to the ocean. Sand between my toes. Salt in the air. Sunshine on my skin. Aaah! Unfortunately, as I am writing this, I could not be further away from the bliss. I am at the dealership to get my car checked out for some squeaking noise it started making a couple of days ago. First world problems. Boring!

But while I’m stuck here for an hour and a half with a bunch of other annoyed individuals, bad coffee and the local news blasting through the lobby, why not make light of the situation by…oh, I dunno…talking about beautiful things like hair products? As you all know by now: When I find a good one I have a hard time keeping it to myself.

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What I love in January


Welcome to my new series!

“What I love” is an eclectic collection of what I’m into and up to each month. I thought this would be a fun way to share some new products, projects or general life hacks that I do not get around to writing a full post on. Here is the January edition…

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Kickstarter Smoothie


New year, new smoothie recipe!

How is 2016 going so far? Resolutions, anyone?

I read that some 80+% of people fail when it comes to seeing their New Year’s resolutions through. And that after only two weeks! There is even a “holiday” dedicated to this phenomenon. Yes! January 17th has been dubbed “Ditch your New Year’s Resolution Day” because it is the most common date on which people abandon their New Year’s goals. 17 days, people…ouch! 

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Happy New Year, mamas!

I hope you all had a glorious holiday season with your loved ones and a great start to 2016.

I am very sorry that it has been so quiet around The Healthy Haus lately. Unfortunately, my year ended a little more tumultuous than expected. Although my oldest started kindergarten in the fall, I have been reminded daily how much both of my children still need me and need of me which, at times, has pushed me to my very limits. In addition, taking care of some health concerns and a few other personal issues kept me exceptionally (pre)occupied over the last few weeks. During my very short intervals of free time, all I could get myself to do was nothing at all. 

That’s the superficial version of it.

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