Vegetarian Chili


Life has been busy, mamas!

I am not suggesting that I’m busier than everybody else and certainly do not like to carry the “busy” label around like a badge of honor but man…things have been a little crazy around here lately!

Besides the usual business of being a full time mama of two (Um, why does it get crazier as they get older? I guess I completely underestimated the trifecta of school, sports and opposite schedules. How do you working mamas do this? And what about all you beautiful mamas with three and more kids? I am completely humbled!), I was sick for most of November which had me realize my limitations as to what I can and cannot do when I’m not at my best. And now that we’re into December, chances are that the pace (not just for me but for all of us!) will pick up even more and probably won’t slow down one bit until we make it successfully through the holiday season. Ho ho ho! 

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