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Green beauty skeptics – meet your match!

You probably already know this by now but if you’re new to my blog (welcome!): I have an unhealthy obsession with all things skin care. I have struggled with hormonal breakouts on and off for the past couple of years which means that I have become extremely picky about what types of products I use on my face. They have to be pure and potent and make a difference in how my skin looks and feels as fast as possible. So when I read about Vapour Organic Beauty‘s claim that their make-up combines skin care and color in one, I was a bit (OK, a lot!) doubtful.

What makes Vapour different from other beauty companies? Vapour uses only natural, healthy, and minimally processed ingredients of which at least 70% are organic and 30% are comprised of mineral pigments and essential oils. Vapour cosmetics are super concentrated using no fillers, so they last much longer than products that are primarily water based. Their unique formulas deliver antioxidants and feed your skin with essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. In addition, Vapour uses only organic plant oils that do not clog pores or cause breakouts. These oils allow skin to breathe and over time, can even balance oily skin by breaking the pattern of over-active sebum production. Sounds ah-mazing, right?

But does Vapour’s performance live up to their promises? Read on…

Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation

After having used cream foundations for the longest time, this liquid one was a nice change and an unexpected positive surprise! I wear S115 (for fair skin with neutral undertones) which happens to be an exact match for me! This foundation has a beautiful consistency (not too thick, not too thin) that feels like you are wearing nothing at all on your face. One little pump goes a long way and can simply be applied and blended in with your fingertips for natural coverage and a soft satin finish. I usually give it a few moments to dry before applying any other products on top of it. My skin instantly looks smoother and glowier with a more even skin tone. The foundation lasts all day without ever looking or feeling greasy. Hands down my favorite product from this line!

Vapour recommends using the foundation with their Stratus Instant Skin Perfector. I got a sample of the #904 (pink for light to medium skin) but I have to admit I did not test it thoroughly. I use a tinted SPF under my foundation that evens out my skin tone pretty well and I think another product on top would be total over-kill. However, if you have been looking for a good primer, maybe give this one a chance. Other bloggers have given it rave reviews!

Halo Illuminator

If you are new to highlighting or if you have found other natural highlighters to be too shiny or goopy, this one is for you! Halo instantly wakes up your face and offers a very subtle and most natural colorless shimmer that enhances your features and gives you that “lit from within” glow without being tacky.


Solar Translucent Bronzer

This bronzer blends in effortlessly! I tried the middle shade in “Simmer” which works well to subtly contour a variety of different skin tones. I’d say it’s perfect for enhancing or…ahem…faking a tan this winter. This bronzer never looks dry or cakey as one of its main ingredients (besides a blend of organic oils) is shea butter which makes your skin stay nice and hydrated. “Solar” has just the right amount of shimmer to give your face a beautiful glow that is neither too dark, too orange nor too obvious.

Aura Multi-Use Blush Classic

I am generally a big fan of multi-purpose products that come in a convenient stick form and the Aura Multi-Use blush did not disappoint! The blush comes in two different finishes (classic and radiant) as well as a cheek stain. I am not a huge fan of tons of shimmer in my blush so I tried only a couple of the classic ones: “Spark” is described as a “sheer pinky peach.” It is a super flattering color that closely reminds me of NARS Orgasm that I – like the rest of the world – used to be obsessed with. It is creamy and easily blendable and lasts all day on my cheeks. “Charm” is a natural “peaches and cream”, perfect for all-over kind of shade. It is one of those products that work extremely well if you do not feel like wearing any make-up but do not want to go entirely without either. I, for example, am one of those girls that could be caught in a middle-of-the-night zombie invasion and still not go completely bare faced. A little bit of a tinted moisturizer and a quick swipe of “Charm” on lids, cheeks and lips will have you looking very natural but still pulled together (like you actually tried, despite the zombies and all!).

Siren Lipstick

Siren is a long wearing lipstick and moisturizing lip conditioner in one amazing chemical free formula! It comes in 26 beautiful shades that glide on smoothly. They are not super opaque to begin with but are pretty buildable. “Possess” is a pinkish nude that can be perfectly paired with a smokey eye for a sexy Brigitte Bardot inspired look. “Hint” is a warm rosy coral shade that looks on me like “my lips but better.” It’s a very pretty color that works great for everyday! My favorite Siren shade of the ones I tried is “Luscious” – a vibrant but very flattering and wearable wild rose/berry hue that is fantastic for the upcoming holiday season. I quickly ran out of my sample but would love to buy this one in a full size!

So, what do you think…intrigued to try Vapour Organic Beauty for yourself? I, personally, am very impressed with this brand. Not only do Vapour products offer exceptional performance, they are made entirely from pure minerals, essential oils and organic plant ingredients that are transformative, soothing and balancing for the skin. What I also love is that their commitment to being a “healthy” brand goes far beyond simply not putting any health-compromising chemicals in their products. Vapour has made it their mission to minimize their environmental footprint through sustainable raw material sourcing, recycled and recyclable packaging and environmentally sound energy choices, all of which sets them apart from many green(washing) companies out there.


*Swatching make-up – it’s a tough job but someone’s gotta do it!

Bottom to top:

Soft Focus Foundation S115 // Soft Focus Foundation S123

Stratus Instant Skin Perfector // Halo Illuminator Moonlight

Solar Translucent Bronzer Simmer

Aura Multi-Use Blush Spark // Aura Multi-Use Blush Charm

Siren Lipstick Hint // Siren Lipstick Possess // Siren Lipstick Luscious

*Samples generously provided. Please see the general disclaimer for more details.

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