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What I am loving for my locks these days.

If you have been following me for a while, you may remember that it took me a looong time to find clean products that work for my hair. Why? Because A) I’m pretty hair challenged to begin with and B) I really loved my old dirty stuff so much I simply could not part ways with it. It was not until a few days ago (yup, days!) that I finally got rid of my last “just in case” stash of BlowPro and Kérastase. I never actually used any of it anymore but I could not get myself to throw it out either. Silly hoarder! 

So, with all that gone for good, I thought it was an opportune time to share some of the new products that have made it into my close circle of hair friends. And I’ll reintroduce you to some of my “oldies but goodies” products that have been and continue to be part of my – shall we say – hair game. Here it goes…


Acure Organics Lemongrass and Argan Stem Cell Clarifying Shampoo and Conditioner

I don’t know about you but I have a hard time splurging on expensive shampoo. Treatments? Yes! Styling products? Totally guilty! But shampoo that goes down the drain within seconds? Not so much! That’s not to say that the right shampoo and conditioner can’t make a huge difference in your hair’s overall look and feel – I totally think it does. However, finding a good clean and affordable shampoo that performs as well as its dirty counterparts is hard to come by. Therefore, I keep going back to Acure Organics! I used their Argan Oil Repairing shampoo and conditioner for a long time but as of late, it has not been working for me as well. It was great on my dry ends but became a little too heavy on my roots so I switched to the Clarifying Shampoo and…I love it! It smells refreshingly citrusy and turns into a really nice lather but is gentle enough for everyday use for all hair types (including color treated hair). Organic argan oil, argan stem cells and CoQ10 help support hair keratin and strengthen the follicle connection. Organic avocado oil provides vitamin B12 and moisture while lemongrass cleanses and clarifies. The conditioner is awesome, too. It offers a great dose of hydration which leaves my hair soft and shiny but without any nasty build-up.


John Masters Organics Lavender & Avocado Intensive Conditioner

Do you use hair masks? I had not in a really long while. I guess one can only obsess over one part of her body at a time and for me, that has been my skin. Face masks? All the time. Hair masks? Ummm….about never. However, I kept seeing this John Masters deep conditioner all over Instagram and, coincidentally, had a casual run-in with it at Whole Foods so, naturally, I had to give it a try.

I use this in lieu of my conditioner when my hair needs an extra boost of hydration. Lavender and avocado oil are combined with 10 certified organic plant extracts and oils to bring intense moisture and vitality to dry hair. After washing and leaving this on for about five minutes, my strands become shiny and soft with a lovely subtle lavender scent.

One word of caution: This intensive conditioner is made with super clean ingredients (everything scores a 3 or below on Think Dirty) with the exception of one – Lonicera japonica or Honeysuckle Flower extract. What is it and why does it matter? There has been a heated debate lately as to whether or not Honeysuckle Flower extract is safe to use in cosmetics. While it sounds really innocent, this natural flower extract actually behaves and is chemically very similar to a synthetic paraben (parabens, of course, are known to disrupt hormones and may lead to an increased cancer risk). I contacted John Masters regarding the health concerns and this is what they responded:

Japanese Honeysuckle extract it is a naturally occurring plant extract versus a chemically derived synthetic material. It is considered a natural alternative to parabens and is not an exact match chemistry-wise to parabens. The ICID (International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary) does not list Japanese Honeysuckle as a paraben because it is not one, it is a plant extract that has anti-microbial properties. Parabens were created to mimic the effects of plant extracts with anti-microbial properties without the trouble of availability and high cost issues associated with natural ingredients.”

My take: Since I use this mask only about once a week, I am OK with the Honeysuckle Flower extract especially with it being the only questionable ingredient in this product. Going forward I may find an alternative that does not contain this ingredient however, in the meantime, I am not sweating it. I’m all for balance and have decided for myself that this product works really well for me and is infinitely cleaner than any of the stuff I used to use. At the same time, I always emphasize educating yourself so I’m leaving it up to you whether or not you consider this product clean (enough).


Josh Rosebrook Lift Hair Texture and Volume Spray

Josh Rosebrook has quickly become my (and just about every other green beauty lover’s) new best friend. His products are amazing and Lift is no exception. This stuff is incredible – so pure while performing exceptionally well! For weightless texture with a matte, natural finish, Lift delivers effortless style and encourages a healthy scalp and strong hair growth through active plant infusions. Organic Yucca plant soothes and protects and active herbal synergy releases healing and strengthening nutrients that promote growth and moisture.

I spray just a little Lift on my roots before blow drying and curling/straightening my hair. Never heavy or sticky, it gives great volume that really lasts all day. I recommended it to one of my good girlfriends and she is also hooked. Seriously, if you only get one green hair product make it this one!


Yarok Feed Your Ends Leave-In Conditioner

This super clean product is one I keep repurchasing! Yarok – meaning green in Hebrew – was founded by renowned Israeli hair stylist, Mordechai Alvow. It is Yarok’s mission to make the greatest positive impact on hair and scalp health with the least negative impact on the natural environment. Each Yarok formula is a powerful blend of organic and all-natural botanicals that are consciously sourced and responsibly harvested. Each of their products meet 100% of all vegan requirements and are free of alcohol, parabens, sulfates and cruelty to animals.

This nutritious, leave-in conditioner protects your hair from blow drying and heat styling. It is a light-weight spray that works well for fine, dry, and color treated hair without weighing it down. It also offers lasting moisture without any greasy feel. After washing and conditioning, I lightly spray it in my hands and run them through my damp hair, focusing on the ends. Then I detangle with a paddle brush. A little definitely goes a long way! It makes my strands manageable and keeps frizz under control. Vitamins, minerals and essential oils nourish while adding shine, hydration and a pleasant citrus-and-herb smell.

Healthy Locks Dry Shampoo Powder

I have blogged about the One Love Organics dry shampoo a few times now (HERE and HERE) and I seriously do not want to know life without it! It is a must-have for second (or even third) day hair! This dry shampoo soaks up oil and odor without leaving a white residue. On days when I do not wash my hair (so most days, really!), I simply put a little Healthy Locks in my palms, rub them together, and carefully work my fingers through my hair starting at the roots. Done! It takes no time at all AND has made my hair a lot healthier since I do not need to wash and style it as often as I used to.

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