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Love and aloha for your complexion.

A few months ago, I left Sage Organic Skincare with glowing skin and a list of “clean” products Amber, my esthetician extraordinaire, recommended specifically for my skin type. I had told her about the struggles I have had for the past two years regarding bouts of mild to moderate hormonal acne. Although it had already drastically improved over the last few months, I was still on a small dose of prescription medication. And while I was planning on going off it completely once I ran out, admittedly, I was a little scared to see what this was actually going to do to my skin.

Some of the brands Amber recommended I was already using or, at least, had heard about. Others were completely new to me. One of them: Leahlani Skincare. Formerly available on Etsy.com and now through their own company website, this emerging artisanal line is made in small batches in Kauai by husband-and-wife team Leah and Oliver Klasovsky. Upon checking out their online store, I was positively surprised by the reasonable pricing but even more so, by the hundreds upon hundreds of 5-star reviews.

Leah writes: “Leahlani Skincare truly evolved on its own. In essence, my products are an extension of my own healing journey. My bout with cystic acne altered my life and led me to a holistic based esthetician school. I spent the next few years formulating a line of skincare to help heal my skin and I started to integrate my products into my esthetician practice. Over the years I have stepped away from my esthetician career to focus on Leahlani Skincare. The intention that I put into my line is that you will truly fall in love with your skincare ritual, that you begin and end your day with a little aloha and the best of intentions.”

So, let me get this straight: This line is completely natural, it is affordable, and it is developed by someone who not only understands but knows how to treat my specific kind of skin problems? Shut up and take my money! It was then and there I ordered my first round of Leahlani products and have never looked back.


Honey Love 3-in-1

Out of the Leahlani products I have tried, the Honey Love 3-in-1 has been my favorite and the most transformative for my skin. Made with organic raw honey, a signature blend of essential oils, organic flower powders, vitamins C and E, and corrundum microdermabrasion crystals, it is a cleanser, mask and exfoliator in one amazing little jar! I use it as a mild cleanser twice daily by scooping out a small amount from the top and mixing it with a little water. To use it as an exfoliator, simply stir the product to activate the crystals that have settled at the bottom. These provide the finest exfoliation which helps to even out the skin tone, erase fine lines and stimulate new cell growth. To reap the full benefits of the organic ingredients and to get extra soft and dewy skin, I leave it on as a mask at least twice a week. After about 20 minutes of what smells like pure Hawaiian aromatherapy, my skin feels soothed and balanced with refined pores but never tight. 


Mermaid Mask

My masking game has gotten stronger in the last few months, especially since about every skin care expert I have spoken to recently could not stress their importance enough. The Leahlani Mermaid Mask is one of the best ones I have used so far. It is a true “superfood for your skin.” With Hawaiian raw honey, Hawaiian spirulina, Chlorella, sea buckthorn, luminess algae and 15 botanicals, it gives your skin that ever desired glow. It helps with a variety of skin problems such as premature aging, acne, redness, uneven skin tone and dryness while promoting cell turnover and wound healing. Even acne scars are diminished over time. The best part: You only need a tiny bit for it to work its magic! Simply scoop a small amount onto your palm and mix with a few drops of water until the mask reaches its desired consistency. Gently massage it into your face and neck and leave it on for 5 minutes (or longer!) and rinse well. A word of caution: One time I ran into my toddler’s bedroom when he was crying during his nap, forgetting all about being covered in the Mermaid Mask. The unexpected dark green color on Mama’s face completely startled him and made his crying temporarily worse so you might want to warn your family before you put this on. Unless you want to scare your significant other when they come home…in that case, sssh 🙂


Champagne Serum

The last step in my Leahlani skin care ritual is the Champagne Serum. Originally formulated as a facial massage oil, the Champagne Serum is described as a “happy hour for your skin.” This potent potion made of organic grapeseed oil, a signature blend of balancing organic essential oils as well as a powerful antioxidant cocktail, it absorbs quickly without clogging your pores. It instantly hydrates your skin and calms any inflammation. The Champagne Serum tightens, fights free radicals and repairs sun damage while calming inflammation. Your skin feels instantly hydrated. Plus, when you massage it into your face and neck you feel like you are on a tropical vacation. The smell is absolutely divine, just like the rest of Leah’s products!


Leahlani has already become a true cult favorite among fellow bloggers and green beauty enthusiasts alike. Leah is extremely involved in this tight yet inclusive little community and is always quick to answer questions regarding her products or skin care in general. When I got in touch with her a couple of times, she recommended I’d do 30 minutes of rigorous cardio with a bare face about three to five times a week as well as take Evening Primrose Oil, a supplement that can help balance hormones naturally. Leahlani has truly transformed not only my skin but my health in general. I have been off of any prescription medication that somewhat made my acne better but my body feel worse. Now, weeks later, my skin continues to be calm and happy.


This post was updated on January 30, 2016. 


8 thoughts on “Leahlani Skincare

  1. this mermaid mask sounds amazingly indulging! good find, I love support small local makers who are eco and conscious. 🙂 Looks like they aren’t packaged in plastic bottles which is another plus for minimising harmful waste.

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    • If I remember correctly, I think I took 1000mg twice a day. However, I’d definitely recommend checking the label and talking to your naturopath regarding the exact dosage that’s right for you and your skin.


      • Definitely check out Leahlani’s products! The Honey Love and the Champagne Serum have helped my skin immensely. I still use both on a daily basis! Leah is an expert (and total sweetheart) when it comes to treating hormonal acne. She formulated her line to treat her own skin years ago. Good luck and congratulations on your pregnancy ❤


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