Leahlani Skincare


Love and aloha for your complexion.

A few months ago, I left Sage Organic Skincare with glowing skin and a list of “clean” products Amber, my esthetician extraordinaire, recommended specifically for my skin type. I had told her about the struggles I have had for the past two years regarding bouts of mild to moderate hormonal acne. Although it had already drastically improved over the last few months, I was still on a small dose of prescription medication. And while I was planning on going off it completely once I ran out, admittedly, I was a little scared to see what this was actually going to do to my skin.

Some of the brands Amber recommended I was already using or, at least, had heard about. Others were completely new to me. One of them: Leahlani Skincare. Formerly available on Etsy.com and now through their own company website, this emerging artisanal line is made in small batches in Kauai by husband-and-wife team Leah and Oliver Klasovsky. Upon checking out their online store, I was positively surprised by the reasonable pricing but even more so, by the hundreds upon hundreds of 5-star reviews.

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Uffing Summer Peaches with Mint


“What’s an Uffing?” you might ask.

Uffing is the quaintest little village the Bavarian countryside ever did see. It’s a picturesque place nestled at the foot of the majestic Alps, overlooking the Staffelsee (a serene Alpine lake), and surrounded by green pastures on which cows lazily graze under 100 year-old trees. It’s the stuff American stereotypes of Germany are made of! It’s a paradise for children to grow up in (at least before they turn into teenagers) and stressed out grown-ups to escape to and connect with nature.

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Giveaway: Whole Foods Travel Like A Pro Kit


Mamas, it’s time for the first Healthy Haus giveaway!

Are you in need of a vacation even though summer break is barely over? I don’t know about you, but I’m already thinking about my next escape trip.

And while we daydream of exotic beaches and faraway lands together, I am giving away this amazing Travel Like A Pro Kit. These TSA approved travel bags feature non-toxic goodies from Acure (I blog about them all the time…read it HERE, HERE and HERE), Juice Beauty, Tom’s of Maine, Mineral Fusion and Alaffia. With a $40.00 value, they are currently flying off the shelves at Whole Foods for only $6.99. Amazing, right? Before they sell out, I managed to grab one for myself and one for a lucky reader. Wanna get it? Now is your chance!

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Munich Musings Salad


Reunited and it feels so good…

Mamas, I’m baaack! While I was in Germany last month, my goal was to keep up my blogging pace for the entire time I was there. That totally worked for all but five minutes because, you know, vacation (if you follow me on Instagram you may have seen some of my European shenanigans). And even though I’ve been back stateside for over a week now, I was unable to write anything coherent earlier because life just kept getting in the way. I’m talking jetlag, lost luggage, a broken computer, new schools, new jobs, new schedules. Sound familiar? My head may have been spinning a little but finally my bloggy and I, we both are so excited, ’cause we’re reunited, hey, hey.

And what better way to get with it again than to give you a delicious salad recipe? I know you’ve been waiting for it! Since I tell you all the time to A) eat more greens B) eat more veggies C) eat more fresh fruit and D) eat more nuts and seeds, I feel like it is practically my duty to come up with new ways of combining all of those things into one tasty dish. Am I right? So there – dark leafy greens, roasted cauliflower, tangy citrus, and protein-packed quinoa, topped with a simple oregano vinaigrette and boom…we are in business!

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