You can never go wrong with a classic tomato sauce.

Buying it at the store can be tricky though as most brands come with tons of added sugar and a high sodium content – even most of the organic ones! How about you cook up your own tonight?

Marinara is very versatile and very easy to make. The hands-on time for this recipe is about 15 minutes tops. After that, you just grab a glass of wine and relax while you watch reruns of Househunters International your marinara simmer on the stove for about an hour. Facile!

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DIY Beauty: Honey Lavender Mask


What we do for the glow!

You might remember the awesome experience I had at Sage Organic Skincare a few weeks back. What I loved most about my visit (besides the actual facial) were all the little tips and tricks that Sage’s owner and esthetician extraordinaire Amber shared on how to naturally keep your skin healthy and beautiful. One of them was how to make your own beauty treatments to literally nourish your skin with stuff you may already have in your pantry.

While there are many do-it-yourself recipes and remedies out here, Amber suggested I’d start by applying a mask made with honey, cinnamon and essential oils that would be perfect for getting clearer skin. And you know me – clearer skin? Sign me up!

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Chocolate Coconut Granola


In desperate need of some chocolate?

Today (or any day…really, who are you kidding?), get your fix with this luscious chocolate and coconut granola! Have a scoop topped with your favorite kind of milk for a decadent breakfast or sprinkle just a little over some fresh fruit and yogurt for an indulgent snack.

While granola in general is not a low fat food, this clean eating version is full of healthy fats. It is also loaded with antioxidants but, unlike most store-bought granola and cereal, does not contain any refined sugar, artificial flavors, dyes, preservatives or other additives. Just remember – as always – moderation is key!

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Mean Mom at the Mall


In a moment of temporary insanity, I decided it was a good idea to take my 2- and 4-year old to the mall.

Let me explain that we go to the mall all the time. It’s kind of a fun, air-conditioned place for my kids to roam around while the Arizona summer is raging on outside. We pick up balloons at Nordstrom’s, play in the play area, and hit up the Disney Store. After two hours of fun, my kids peacefully fall asleep in the car. Cake!

But not this time! This time, in my latest crazy mommy moment, I wanted to take both kids to the mall to actually buy clothes. Why? Because I needed to find them head-to-toe outfits for my brother’s wedding next month. I went off on my own once before but none of the clothes worked and I had to return everything the next day. This time, I thought it would be better if the kids came with me so they could actually try some stuff on. How hard could it be? 

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When in Romaine Smoothie


What do you do when North Scottsdale Organics gives you a giant head of Romaine lettuce?

Well, throw it in a blender and drink it, of course! This smoothie is hydrating and refreshing without weighing you down. It’s perfect for cooling off after spending some time out in the heat! And if you’re wondering why I am featuring yet another smoothie recipe, that’s because…

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