Product Review: Ninja Master Prep

040815_NinjaMasterPrep2What is holding you back?

When it comes to cooking healthy meals, I’m guessing the answer almost always involves “time.” As I was sitting at my daughter’s ballet practice the other day one of the moms mentioned how she would like to cook more but that she really didn’t like chopping vegetables. It’s time consuming, it’s messy, the thought of having to do it makes her not want to cook at all. To help ease her chopping aversion, she invested in a Ninja food processor. I was intrigued!

Coincidentally, a couple of nights later, I was in the kitchen cursing. 8:30pm, we had just put the kids to bed and since I’m such a good wife, I had agreed to making Miri’s Energy Balls for my husband’s work potluck the next day. As I mentioned before, I used to make them in an old-ish Magic Bullet but turns out, in large quantities, it no longer could handle the sticky mass of dates and pecans. Neither could my other blender. The kitchen was an utter mess. There were pieces of dates stuck in all the wrong places. Crap, 9:00pm already. I’m so freakin’ tired! Curse, curse, curse!!

What to do? A) Run to the store and buy something for the darn potluck or B) run to the store and pick up a darn food processor already. Either way, Target run it is!

When I got to the store I remembered the brand of kitchen helpers that my friend mentioned the other day. However, which model to get? A processor, yes! However, my blender is pretty crappy, too, so maybe I should get a combination model. Or do I bite the bullet and buy the best of the best all inclusive model with the attached nutrient extractor? But do I want to spend hundreds of dollars right now on a kitchen appliance? Plus, it is so freakin’ big where the heck am I going to put this thing? Aaaahhh!!! Decisions, decisions. After pacing the blender/processor aisle for 55 10 minutes (and getting a phone call from Mr. Healthy Haus to see if I was OK) I finally settled on this one:

Ninja Master Prep – $49.99, purchase HERE


I’m not going to lie – if a kitchen gadget dedicated to chopping things is called Ninja, my expectations are pretty darn high. But whoaaaa! It did not disappoint. In fact, it was the best 50 bucks I have spent in a long time. This thing is ah-ma-zing!

How it works:

The Ninja Master Prep is small but powerful. You can prepare mixed drinks, soups, dips, and so much more with this blender. It has a super sharp patented 6-blade technology (and by sharp I mean SHARP. Don’t be a dummy like me and touch the blades!) and 450-watt motor which chops fruits and vegetables, blends smoothies and crushes ice in no time. It comes with a 48-ounce pitcher and a 16-ounce bowl between which you can switch quickly thanks to an interchangeable motor head. The pitcher has an easy-flip pour spout that allows for mess-free pouring. Also, two storage lids are included which let you prepare and store your food in the same container. For convenient clean-up, all the parts of this multi-tasker are dishwasher safe.


I use the larger container almost every day to make smoothies. It is big enough to make about two servings at a time. The blender has a pulse feature which ensures that chunky items fall on the blade for smooth blending. That means no more bits and pieces of ice or kale floating around in this mama’s Green Machine. Hallelujah! The smaller container is perfect for chopping onions or garlic and making delicious sauces and dips (think salsa, guac, pesto, hummus). The blades can also easily handle chopping nuts and seeds or blending icky sticky stuff like dried fruit and honey.

The Ninja Master Prep is truly a time saver in all your clean eating/cooking endeavors. If you’re looking for a kitchen gadget to make your life easier but only have a small budget and a small space, get this one!

Finally: 40 of Miri’s Energy Balls done at 11:05pm!

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What’s your secret weapon in the kitchen?

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