Product Review: GreenPan Wok

GreenPan Bonn Healthy Ceramic Non-Stick Hard Anodized 12.5” Open Wok

Did I mention that I do not have a chef’s kitchen?

Truth is, I also do not have very many cooking apparatuses that I would describe as chef-worthy. So, after several times of angrily throwing burnt, baked-on pancakes/veggie burgers/omelettes down the garbage disposal due to my “not-so-non-stick-anymore” pans I needed a new weapon of choice.

And while leisurely strolling through my local Costco the other day I discovered this little gem:

GreenPan Bonn Healthy Ceramic Non-Stick Hard Anodized 12.5” Open Wok

GreenPan Bonn Healthy Ceramic Non-Stick Hard Anodized 12.5” Open Wok

Admittedly, this is somewhat of a boring subject BUT this piece of cooking equipment is amazing!

Here is why…

GreenPans are made without PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) used in the manufacture of such prominent consumer goods as Teflon. Why does it matter? PFOA persists indefinitely in the environment. In the United States, the Environmental Protection Agency has opened a dialogue of discussion and concern over human exposure to PFOA. In recent studies there have been indications that PFOA has caused developmental toxicity and other unwelcome effects in laboratory animals.

GreenPans are cadmium and lead free.

GreenPans are coated with the patented Thermolon non-stick technology which is heat resistant up to high temperatures. If you overheat your pan, no toxic fumes will be released and the coating will not blister or peel. Heat gets distributed evenly which allows to mostly cook on low to medium temperatures.

Why I love it…

Size: The wok is large and deep enough to hold a boatload of veggies when making a stir fry. It is also perfect for whipping up a marinara, pan frying chicken or steaming vegetables.

Ease of use: With just a tiny bit of coconut oil this pan is a non-stick phenomenon. It is not too heavy which makes for easy handling and it can go straight from stove top into the oven. Frittata perfection!

Price: I bought my GreenPan wok with a $5.00 rebate for $24.99. It is also currently available online for $29.99. There are many pans out there that are comparable to this one but with a much higher price tag.

Down side…

This wok does not come with a matching lid. I use it with a glass lid from one of my old pans though and it works great.

What are some of your favorite cooking gadgets?

3 thoughts on “Product Review: GreenPan Wok

  1. I bought this pan after reading this review and am absolutely in love with it! In fact, I purchased the whole set at Costco to swap my entire cookware with the green pan collection. Thanks for sharing!


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