Green Beauty Buys – Target Edition


With the blogosphere buzzing…

…ahead of the in-store launch of clean beauty cult favorite S.W. Basics at Target next month, I thought I round up the green products I routinely pick up at the big box store while shopping for yet another birthday present. While none of these products are necessarily the most glamorous, they are all safe, effective, and very affordable.

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Clean Eating Chewy Apple Pie Bars


Cereal bars – wholesome or a whole lotta marketing deception?

Cereal bars are a big hit with adults and kids alike. They are sweet, very portable and mostly mess free which makes them an excellent snack on the go. They are also one of those foods that have a healthful image – it says so right on the front of the box. Whole grain! Real fruit!

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Organic Produce Co-op


Improve your family’s health while supporting local business and community

Organic fruits and vegetables are expensive, definitely more expensive than conventionally grown produce. Why? Because, as I mentioned in one of my previous posts, compared to conventional farming, growing organic crops is typically done on a smaller scale. It is more time consuming and labor intensive which costs more and therefore, you have to pay more.

In order to provide my family with the healthiest option but without going completely broke every time I shop at my local health food store I searched for a better alternative and am very excited to share that I found one.

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In Love with One Love Organics


When I first started taking a closer look at the chemical laden products…

…I was slathering all over my skin on a daily basis, I wanted to not only find a healthier substitute but also a less complicated one. I wanted to downsize and streamline my skin care, if you will, to where less is more. After having just decluttered a bunch of cabinets and drawers, I simply could not imagine filling them again with the same amount of stuff I had just gotten rid off. I wanted to brake the endless cycle of falling for false marketing claims, buying tons of different cosmetics and eventually purging after the products failed to deliver. I craved something natural that would not compromise effectiveness but also needed to find something at a price point that would not brake the bank. Not an easy task! Until by chance, I stumbled across One Love Organics, and couldn’t be happier that I did.

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